GNC Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program

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Clinically proven, iron-free multivitamin with essential B-vitamins for metabolism support and energy production
Enhances joint mobility and flexibility with maximum strength TriFlex™
Features 900 mg omega-3s to support natural anti-inflammatory response and promote joint health.
Physician Endorsed

GNC Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program is physician endorsed by Frank J. Costa, M.D., an internationally acclaimed urological surgeon, men's health expert, and member of the GNC Medical Advisory Board. "Mega Men® Join Vitapak® Program was carefully formulated to support joint health concerns of all active men. This comprehensive program features a premium men's multivitamin, plus clinically proven ingredients in TriFlex™, combined with Triple Strength Fish Oil. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the best in overall join support." – Frank J. Costa, M.D.

Why Should I Use Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program?
Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program is specifically formulated to address the joint concerns of active men. The components in this program – GNC's clinically proven Mega Men® multivitamin, TriFlex™ premium joint formula, and high-potency Triple Strength Fish Oil – work together to provide highly effective joint health support.

How Can Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program Benefit Me?
Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program combines important nutrients that support your overall nutritional needs with focused ingredients designed to address your joint health needs in one convenient daily vitapak.

How Does Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program Work?
Each serving of Mega Men® Joint Vitapak® Program includes the following components to help you achieve your daily nutritional goals:
Mega Men® - This clinically studied, powerful iron-free multivitamin supports overall health and wellness. It includes a potent complex of B-vitamins which are essential for metabolism support and energy production.
TriFlex™ - This premium formula supports joint comfort and flexibility with full-potency, clinically tested amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin, which help preserve joint function and rebuild cartilage, and MSM, a naturally occurring compound that provides an important component for joint cartilage.
Triple Strength Fish Oil - This high-potency dose of 5 times purified fish oil provides 900 mg of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Fish oil supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory response and helps promote joint health.
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